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Monday, 12 November 2012

SEMINAR SM/SSM CYCLE 3 - 10.11.12 Hotel Glenmarie Subang

Rase sangat bertuah dapat join SEMINAR SM/SSM Cycle 3 nih.. :)

Tempat terhad but I'm lucky my leader Ismalina dapat spot for me. Banyak yg saye belajar and banyak kena upgrade diri.

Lepas dari seminar I'm glad;

I have a GREAT leader and mentor
I know if i do it the RIGHT way, mmg boleh berjaya. Amin

So my NEXT step:

Will follow and hold tight my leader closely
Will do what ever I can to be like them (",)

 Team Fabulosity

During our Mentor Salha Zain bagi peransang and nasihat. So inspire and she's my age.. so mmg kena berusaha to be like her.. (",)

So, Ape lagi.. 
So if anyone of you interested to know about premium beautiful product or business, you are most welcome to join our team, Team Fabulosity

PM/SMS/Whatsapps kartikakarim
019 - 856 3520


or alternatively add me on Facebook

 lagi gambar from the event..

Lastly.. see the picture that shows it ALL

Ini hanya sebahagian dari Green Leaders Group.

Semoga saya & kita semua akan lebih berjaya (",)

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