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Monday, 26 November 2012


Past week for Team Fab & GLAM, very busy week.. ade few RED Carpet Event utk attend. For me personally x sempat nak pegi pun any of the event.. sedey tapi tuntutan tugas & keluarga kena didahulukan.. (",)

So just boleh share gambar2 from my leader Isma.. dari gambar2 nih boleh tgk kan betapa meriah nya & peluang utk kita semua join event2 mcm nih.. 

Hijabista Magazine Web Launch

19 November 2012

DDM Isma, CDM Izyan & DDM Wani

Part of Team Fabulosity

Majlis Ulangtahun ke 20 

24 November 2012

Majlis Ulangtahun ke 20 & meraikan CDM 2012



 CDM Salha Zain

 Great performance by Dayang Nurfaizah & Shila Amzah

After Event Party


24 November 2012

 DDM Izyan, CDM alfaath, CDM Salha Zain & DDM Isma


  CDM Hanis Haizi  

Dari gambar2 pun tahu kan betapa GLAM nya dieorg nih.. (",)

My leader & my mentor (",)

CDM Salha Zain ; A true lady; humble, yet stylish ,successful and inspiring leader- just by being part of her team, unintentionally, we are invited and included in this glam circle :)
DDM Isma ; Young, career woman tapi but dedicated utk built her own TEAM Fabulosity with help and guide by her leader DDM Izyan also CDM Salha Zain

  Choose your group wisely.. With great n responsible leaders insya allah you are on the right path 

Come, join me & my team

019 - 856 3520




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