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~Dear All~
Feel free to ask About 'The Millionaire's Project' and be part of Top Leaders Circle.
Especially untuk para pelajar universiti / kolej dan sesiapa yang berminat nak mencari part time income dengan berniaga secara online, tiada modal.. Just contact me for more details...:) #tlc #topleadercircle #themillionaireproject #sohonista #sohonita #teamfabulosity #omnipreneur #kartika #019 - 856 3520 #kartikakarim_14@yahoo.com

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Baazar Sohonista

Interested to be a SOHONISTA and work from the comfort of your own home? Flexible working hours of course :)
meet our TLC team this Saturday !
we will share with you on how you can have your flexible dream job, sharing goodness to others!


Insya Allah, we will be there as a group called 'Top Leaders Circle' (TLC). What is a TLC? TLC is a group of entrepreneurs, running this business using social media as platforms, anywhere, anytime...:) And we aim to be the next millionaires, Insya Allah...:)

All of you are welcomed to be there, to get to know us more...:) We will be very delighted to share our experiences and our knowledge in this business...:) And we are more than welcomed to see new faces on board, Insya Allah...:)

Spot us there, will you?

See you there people...:) Let's hang out and have a chit chat with us. Have a nice day ahead, everyone...:)


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