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Saturday, 15 December 2012



5 tahun lalu sekarang 9.56am tgh sibuk bersiap2 utk menjadi permaisuri hatimu.. cheh.. hahahaha abg pun tgh nerves nak salam tok kadi..


selepas 5 tahun 9.56am sekarang anak2 tgh main air utk mandi & abg masih tidur dlm bilik.. (",)

It's have been a WONDERFUL 5 years and hoping to have more wonderful life together till jannah (",)

In your eyes, I'm priceless
You made me more than loving you
Near you I feel happy
Only you who can do this And sincerely understand me
You're perfect to me Less of nothing And you accept me the way I am
I'm perfect for you Less of nothing
One Love the way you are, the way you love me Makes me fall in love with you
 Love you so much Abg Sayang
May our loves continues till jannah.. Amin



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