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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How To Measure Your Premium Beautiful Size

Why need to measure? 
Every single women have different types of body. Types of body can be clarify by measuring the identified parts of body. 
We will need 4 measurements to determine the correct Premium Beautiful size for you.

Sebelum measure, please make sure :
  • Wearing a good fitting bra
  • All measurement have to be in centimetres
  • Keep the tape measure snug, but not too tight
  • Standing up straight and not sucking up your stomach in (for waist measurement)

4 - Measurement STEP

1.Measure your bust (dada / puncak).


2. Measure you underbust (bawah dada).

3. Measure your waist (pinggang).


4. Measure your buttock (punggung).


This is how a suitable Premium Beautiful Size should be to the body (",)

pandangan dari hadapan

pandangan sisi

pandangan dari belakang

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